My Sister's Story

by jessica bueno

These stories happened to my sister when we were younger. The first story was: My sister was taking a nap near the door, and suddenly she thought that I came back home, while she was still sleeping. She called, "Yet, are you there?" She heard me say "yes" so she just continued sleeping. Later I came back, I woke her up, she said, "Oh, did you come earlier too?" she was shocked.

I replied "No, I just came now".

She said "But I heard you reply 'yes' earlier when I asked if you came." She just forgot about it, but a few weeks later, she was watching TV, and my mom was in the kitchen, suddenly she shouted out loud and my mom quickly ran to her and asked about what happened. Our house has 2 doors in front, if someone passes by the first door, he/she can go no other way than keep going straight. My sister said she saw a man passing by, but she didn't see him pass by the next door, so she was waiting till he would pass by, and suddenly his head came right in front of the door, as if he was peeking, his face was black, and he had a lot of hair, though it was only there for a very short time. When it disappeared she screamed, then she looked outside to know who was there, but there was no one. My mom said it was just her imagination, but my sister thought differently.

Another story: (she was married at that time) One night when she was sleeping she felt someone laying down on her... she thought it was her husband. She was really tired during that time and she just ignored it. She woke up remembering her husband wasn't at home. She freaked out!!! On the next day she talked to her husband and asked if that was him last night but he said no.

I shared my sister's story to let people know what happened to my sister.

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