My Special Friend

by Elaina
(North Carolina)

I never thought that there was anything different about my friend Cassy (name changed). She seemed normal enough, although slightly mischievous, like she was always plotting something. Anyway she seemed to have the personality that was very controlling, I became very close to her because she decided she wanted it to be that way.

One night, we were sitting on my bed listening to music, and all of a sudden something happened. Even now trying to remember what happened I get very uneasy, almost nauseated. It's sort of like you feel completely disoriented, like you've lost complete control of physical and visual reality, like you are just floating around. Very weird I know, but she seems to have this type of power to get into someone's head and mess up what they are perceiving. She also has other powers to see what's always going on, almost like she is looking "down" on the world. Almost like she is from a higher dimension. Crazzzzzyyyy I know. Unbelievers and scientists will not be down with this. Yet I know what happened to me, and I figured on a site like this there might be someone with an open mind.

I don't know if she's a black eyed, a demon, a vampire, whatever. But she is still my friend. I still love her, although I'm afraid of her when she tries to pull that shit with me. She's tried again, but I've learned how to block it. It's the freakiest shit ever, and I can't talk about it with anyone because they'd all think I'm crazy. You probably do too. The only reason I wrote this was a. to feel better and b. to let you know that these things are really scary, because they really exist and really have advanced powers that our science is incapable of understanding.

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