My Strange Friend

by annoymous

I know that so many stories on this website start with "this is ALL true by the way" or "I'm NOT making this up". Most of the stories like this are normally criticised like hell...

I'm a 15 year old from Chester. I've lived there all my life. So when I left primary school I entered a high school just in the outskirts. On the first day I made a couple of friends, but one friend really just sticks out. She is a really close friend like and I don't like dissing her, but I really need someone's opinion of her. I will call her by her nickname Fliss.

I met her on the first day of school in music class the first words she said to me were "what's music going strive for me anyway, I can barely hum a tune" and you know the way kids are always using slang words she's dead formal like, the first thing I want to say is about her personality she's kind of moody and is a bit of a misery guts and she is sarcastic like I don't know. Most people think of her that way. She has this sense of dark humour about her like she was singing the song "ding dong the witch's dead" on the worst possible day ever. It's not complete evil but she's kind of gothic with the things she likes and claims her family is like the Addams family her cousin (a guy in my form) claims that her dad is like Dracula and he hardly ever sees her mum.

The second thing is about her appearance she says that her dad's side of family is from a gyspy family in Spain and her mum's side is welsh farmers but I don't see how her skin colour fits in, yeah it's the most randomness thing ever but it's like a ghostly white with no colour in it at all. Also her eyes - they are a really steely dark blue and her hair is a auburn colour all curly with little ringlets spurting up everywhere. It looks kind of too red - not really normal. And it's not just me being silly. All my friends think she is not 'normal'. It's the way she's just off for like half the term then she'll come back look perfectly healthy then she'll be off the next week. It's nuts. Even with the teachers our year head can barely look at her neither can she.

Okay and this is the part that gets really, really weird and people always say I'm making it up and was on a holiday in wales it was late October with Halloween the next night and I was in some castle village near the river that goes across to Angelsy. My older sister Shannon and I were shopping in the little alleyways and back streets, rooting in old bookshops and gift shops, when a girl wearing some kind of black cloak or hoodie yelled at us from across the street. She quickly offered us free tickets for a carnival of creeps for Halloween when her hood slipped. I was shocked to see it was Fliss. She was shocked to see me too, I could tell, but she quickly masked it and walked calmly down a alley clutching a wad of carnival posters (what she offered to a couple with two kids) and when the holiday ended she denied ever being in wales at that time. What?

Okay please tell me is she a bit strange or is it just me and my friends being paranoid. But please tell me what a 15 year old is doing selling carnival posters in a dimly lit alley? Please no crit because if it was fake I'd post in fiction. I did not make it up.

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