My Subconscious or Something Else?

by Navaara Riyazetii
(Melbourne, Vic, Australia)

This may not seem scary to read, yet experiencing it was definitely scary.

Ever since I moved into my new house (September 2006) I always had a feeling that someone is watching me. I'm not sure what it is though. Sometimes I'll be walking and I'll feel a cool breeze on my neck. Nowhere else but my neck.
The scariest times are alaways when I'm sleeping. Every night, I wake up around 3 in the morning and I have this feeling that something is watching me. Sometimes I can feel it want to touch me, but something always stops it. Dad says that is just my subconscious.

One night I woke up just in time to here a loud bang coming from the inside of my roof. I lay there and try to fall asleep. After the bang, I here something like a loud sigh/hiss. Another night, I remember having a nightmare, I cannot actually remember the nightmare but I know that it was one. I woke and right, standing on the edge of my bed was a doll. You know those baby dolls that little children hold? I closed my eyes a couple of times and it disappeared.

Yet another night, I remember waking up and right in front of me, I saw a black mist that was shifting around. I looked towards it but it kept moving just out of my sight. I finally caught it floating out my door.

I'm fourteen now, and I'm sure that more experiences are yet to come until I move out...

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