My Truth of Slender Man

by Ethan Kane
(Sioux Valley)

This might be long and have more parts than one. Right now, my life is shattered by, as you know him, Slenderman. I might sound crazy but it is true. I, with others, are currently trying to find a way to kill him. Crazy right? Well it's true. I swear to God that I'm not just making this up. Well, I guess I have to start from the beginning.

It started out when I was in middle school (I'm 17 now) and me and my friend, as you'll know later to be known as Snow, were walking along an outdoor hallway next to the library, along the building where the library was, were windows facing the outside. It was after school, and we had just finished with basketball practice. We were passing the windows, when I saw a blank white face appear on the other side, staring at me. I looked again, and all I saw was a dark empty library with no one in it.

I ignored it at first, thinking it was a trick of the light, and I turned and kept walking. Then Snow stopped me and asked if I saw a white face in the window. Suddenly, I knew it wasn't some coincidence that we had both seen the same thing. I fought back with logic still, hoping that it was just a reflection of the light, funny, but now when I think about it, there was a massive storm cloud covering the sun, so there would've been no light reflecting at all.

Eventually, we stopped talking about it, and I forgot about it. That was until I started researching The Slender Man. At first, I just wanted to play the game, cause some friends of mine told me it was scary, so I wanted to try. But as I was looking for the right link to go to for the game, I came across this video, or documentary about Slender Man. What it said intrigued me so much, that I started doing research like crazy, I found marble Hornets, everymanhybrid, and other things. Most I knew were fake, but there was one that felt so true...I found this while I was looking for stories to read about slender man on creepy pasta.

There was a blog post from tumblr that someone had posted onto creepy pasta, I went to the tumblr blog and that's where I found Prophet, a person, who with others, were trying to kill slender. Along with Prophet were Kirania, Vic, Kaylin, Ducky, and others I can't remember. This was the beginning of my Downfall.

This will be the end of the first part, I have no more time right now to type anymore, but if you need any help at all with anything supernatural, contact me at

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