My Unwelcomed Visitors

by Dakota davenport
(Fountain green, Utah )

I am 16 and my friends are 16 and 18. We found this picture of a man and a woman and a dog in his barn when we were cleaning it, (we never told anybody about it) my friend discovered some names on the back of the photo and searched the names. It turns out the man was married and actually had two children. I did a little more research and found out that the man had killed his family then himself in the barn (which is really creepy) and I also found a picture of the girl. She had red hair just as I do.

About a couple weeks or so after we found the picture my older friend's cousin comes down to stay for a while. His cousin likes to mess around with Ouija boards. I came over to his house and we went down stairs and found his cousin playing with one so I told him he needs to stop and throw the board away. He said no so I took it away and gave it to my friend who took it somewhere else.

After about a couple days since that happened weird things have been happening, but only to me. Whatever it is, it seems to pay a lot of attention to me. I've kind of been ignoring it until two days ago when I found red hair sitting on top of a Ouija board (the same one my friend threw away). It scared so bad that I've been having weird dreams about a guy and a dog in an old creepy room somewhere in the woods.

I think my friends cousin conjured up the man in the photo and since I have red hair his daughter I'm the center of attention to him and it scares me cause he has an evil presence and if he killed his whole family I don't know what he's gonna do to me one these times.

If anyone has any suggestions please tell I'm all ears.

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