My Vampire Protector

by Marc

It was years ago, I was 10. Me and my friend were dared to go through the old Greenburg Cemetery. I am very scared of cemeteries. I always get the eerie feeling of being watched by the supernatural.

As we walked through the huge cemetery my friend asked a odd question. "Do you believe in Vampires?"

"Pshhh.. No!" I would say.

Then we heard crackling and a seductive cool voice. The one the romantic guys at school usually possess.

"Sorry for doing this."

And he opened his mouth wide and his fangs protruded. We fell down and got back up and ran. We ran as fast as we could. We looked back to make sure we were far enough away..

He was gone.

When I looked back forward I saw him dangling my friend's corpse from the air. He had bite marks on his neck was a bite mark bleeding like h***.

"Your turn."

I screamed for help. Then all of a sudden another guy in relaxed clothes told me to run. I didn't have to be told twice. Then I saw him pull him up and slam him down with no force. I saw him trying to twist his head and then....


He had a severed head in his hands. I no more assumed he too is a vampire. I ran to him only to see him all the way at the entrance of the graveyard. I am so sorry for my friend... May he rest in peace. Now I am forever looking for him again...

I want to be a Vampire. Not because of I want to find an Edward... Because I want to stand up to bullies and become immortal.

If you are a Vampire, and you live in JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA email me at

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