My Werewolf Story

by C

Well... I have one story. It happened a week ago. My friend and I were interested in the supernatural. We then found Witchcraft and saw a spell on werewolves, vampires, and other ones. We laughed and did the werewolf one for fun. It wasn't a full moon but we did it anyway.

After that we experienced some strange feelings like uncontrollable anger, a temptation to go outside in the woods, our eyes becoming hazel, our canines growing sharper, and a lot of hair was growing on our arms and legs. We now wear black almost every day and leave our bangs over 1 eye. We told some of our other friends but they didn't believe us.

We started howling, barking, and growling. The people we told them started looking up Witchcraft and one found a memory erasing spell. We quickly fled but then we realized WE had to say it not them. So we always dodged saying it. After that we still had all these strange feelings. After 2 days we didn't want to change back so now we're stuck with it. Don't do Witchcraft.

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