Hi my name is Nikita. I am from Mumbai,India. I would like to share stories of my close relative who had encounter with ghost.

This is a story of Mihir Sawant(name changed) by profession he is an musician and generally come home late around 12:30. But one day he came home around 2:30 at night. It is said that our building Zaffran Mansion is quiet haunted. Different people have different experience. It was totally dark and no single person was seen at that day. As he was walking, he felt some one is following him but no one was there. On his way there was a photograph of Hindu God LORD GANESHA. There he joint his hand bowed in front of LORD GANESHA, suddenly he experience something passes by in full speed like a breeze. So he quickly started walking towards his apartment which was on fourth floor.

On first floor staircase he saw a girl who must be around twenty. She was wearing a white shirt and white skirt with sliver shoes. He thought she is her neighbour paying guest who stays on the same floor and might be scared to go alone on fourth floor. So he asked her why are you late today? You should first concentrate on studies. He kept on interacting with her but she didn't utter a single word. Then without saying anything to Mihir uncle she went to common washroom. Than he asked from outside why you went inside this washroom? If you want I can wait for you here. But no answer came from inside. After some time he went near the washroom and "hello, what happen?" He saw that the door was slightly open. When he open the door he saw no one was there inside. He went to his room as soon as possible.

Next day morning while he was passing by first floor he narrated this story to one one of oldest member of this mansion Carol aunt who staying in this building. First she scolded to Mihir uncle why you interact with someone you don't know. Then she told that she might be Anaida (name changed) who work as maid a room close to the common washroom. She was very young, beautiful. She was been beaten, harassed where she worked. As she was tired and could not resist this pain so she ended her life by taking poison.

From that incident Mihir uncle try to come early as possible. On from that day people on that floor have put cross on their door as majority are Catholics.

But according to me she was good ghost who was passing by, incidentally uncle Mihir came in her way. We should be grateful that ghost did not bother about uncle.

It is said that people who commit suicide generally do not get peace after death too. They get stuck in some kind circle which do not allowed them to come out unless and until they get free from some source.

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