The Demon Naberius

aka: Naberus, Nebiros, Cerberus
Rank: Marquis
Legions: 19
Strongest: Mid-July
Demon Summoning: Daytime, red candles, ash (wood), tin & neptunium, water

Even the most casual follower of Greek mythology knows who Cerberus is. The infamous Three-headed hound of Hades served as the guardian to the gates of the Underworld, letting not a soul in or out without the permission of his master. When I first read of the assertion that the demon Naberius is the same being as the legendary hellhound, I was more than a bit skeptical. However, further research has led me to believe that it is very possible that Naberius is in fact Cerberus - in a different form.

First of all, Naberius (like most demons) has more than one form. His primary demon form is that of a vicious three-headed dog. In addition he can take to the skies as a black raven or can take a human form. One theory is that due to his dedicated work for the ancient gods (and in truth, no creature was more dedicated to their master than Cerberus), he was released by his master Hades and was granted the honor of joining the old gods as their equal. Having lived his entire life in the Underworld, he was now able to walk the earth in human form or take to the skies as a raven. Like fellow demon Valefor, Naberius does not have a normal skin tone, though. Both demons skin has a deep greenish hue, as if they come from different genetic stock than the others.

Regardless of his personal history, the demon Marquis Naberius is considered to be the bravest of all the named demons. He speaks with a powerful but hoarse voice, but is known to be very eloquent in his speech. Not surprisingly, Naberius is considered the internal guardian of the demons. He plays a somewhat political role, keeping an eye on all that happens in the demon world, sort of like how police departments have an Internal Affairs office. He has been given the power to take away ranks and honors from the unworthy and can also restore lost honors to those who have been unfairly stripped of rank and dignities. This goes for humans more so than fellow demons.

Though he is undoubtedly one of the toughest characters in the demon or human world, Naberius (as he is called in his modern form) is said to be very friendly and extremely fair. He maintains some connection to the Underworld, where he (possibly) lived for so long, and has the power to raise the dead if necessary.

To summon Naberius, one can put a red candle on a plank of wood from an ash tree and float it upon water, to represent the ferryman Charon bringing souls to Cerberus in the old days of the Underworld.

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