Night of the Kitchen

by Gina
(Orlando, FL)

It was the night of my brother's baby shower and I decided to go to the kitchen and grab a bite to eat after everyone was long gone. I'm holding a sandwich in my hand, and still looking thru the fridge for something else.

Next to the fridge is the stove with a pot on top. As I'm looking inside the fridge with the doors wide open, the pot moved as if someone grabbed it on both sides, lifted it, and shook the contents inside. The pot was empty and the stove was off. I saw that clearly happen in front of me without the need of peripheral vision.

I quickly left the kitchen without even opening the pot and headed towards my room. As I was walking, I felt as if someone was walking right behind me and ran to my room. I sat on my bed and thought about what I saw over and over and tried to come up with a valid reason why that pot shook like that and couldn't find one. I began to cry because I was so freaked out.

I still don't know why that happened.

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