Night Terrors

by Lexi
(Houston, TX)

I've had this dream or night terror since I was a child.

I am at my childhood house. It's dark and my head is always falling off and on fire. I will try to keep it connected to my neck. I'll make it stick with glue or toothpaste, once it was with yogurt and then I will wake up with a fever every time.

There is also a lot more to the dream but I just don't feel like explaining. At the end of my dream I will eventually tie my neck with a ribbon to keep it attached. I wonder if in my past life I was decapitated??

It is weird and my dad, before he died (I am 21 now), would have dreams similar. I would like to hear if anyone has something familiar or just something they would like to share with me that effects them that would like to share... :/

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