Night Whispering

by Lewis walker
(Derbyshire England )

This creature is

This creature is

A few months ago I use to love monsters and anything about them until one night I was hanging around with my friend who believed in vampires and demons and the rest of them. We looked up vampire curses and found a Latin curse. I didn't believe in vampires so I said I would do it with him refusing in case "it came for him."

So I read out the curse and from that moment onward I felt I was being watched by someone or thing. It was getting late so I had a slow relaxing walk through the fields near his house on the way home. Then I felt more bothered than at his house the long grass was rustling so I picked up the pace and got home.

When I got home my display was all rearranged. I thought it was my brother so I left it. This sort of thing went on for weeks until one night an entity was following me in my dream and it cornered me so I woke myself up, glad that it was a dream, then I rolled over, but as I rolled over I lost control over my body and just lay still.

This also went on for a few nights until I finally woke up on my stomach and started to struggle as I heard footsteps in my room; now frantically trying to move. I lay there terrified then I felt breathing on my neck then whispering in my ear I couldn't understand. I only understood the words 'stuck' and 'forever'.

Since then I have felt watched and things go missing and I hear old styled music playing in my head. I researched it and came across something called the rake. But I remain skeptical that it is an eyeless monster visiting me. I know this isn't scary but when you are being toyed with like this it gets you Down. Please can someone shed some light on what who or what is doing this to me? thanks.

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