Nightmares or Demons?

by xdemonthekiller0000 < on chatango , im male >

This is about me and I'm not lying.

I do clearly remember when I was a little kid, I don't know how old I was, crawling into my parents room. I entered the room crawling and it was so weird, it was like a dream, but it felt like it wasn't. I saw everything exactly like it is. Usually as I can remember I'm not sure, but I remember the part when I entered the room a bit until I reached the bed and then I don't know what happened. All I saw was red, different shades of red.

At around 10 or 11 I recently got a new soccer ball (I believe I got it on my birthday). I was playing with it for ages - day and night. I think the second or third day I kicked it to the side of the house on the right.

I'm pretty sure it isn't haunted or built over anything haunted, and as I went to get it then I saw it. I looked at it for a couple seconds then ran inside. I believe was a demon. It had red eyes, the only light was coming from inside so the rest of the yard was black.

I could just see the fence I was around, about 13 feet about from it. It was taller then me, around 170 cm or something, its eyes were right like I said before and I could clearly see the figure of it, since it was darker then the black around it. Like a different shade of black and if it was a human I would have heard it as the there were two gates on the side and you can clearly hear if someone enters. It stared at me then I ran inside and I have seen it since.

Last year when I was 13 I was looking up demon videos when I heard a howl or some messed up sound. I'm not sure if it was outside or not, there's an area corner were it's in and on the left is the hallway and I heard it. I turned and ignored it for a bit then I turned the light off and it was gone, it creeped me out.

I do remember hearing a dog sound under my nan's bed when I had a headache .

I have had a nightmare where I'm sleeping in my bed and it's like a replay of an afternoon. I was in my room the window is next to my bed, everything looked exactly like it is. I layed down and looked out the window and I swear it was the front yard of my old house. It was weird, then I saw a young girl wearing a white dress or something with two small things moving next to it on the left and right. Then I think I might have tried saying something but couldn't, then I got paralyzed and fell off my bed, then I woke up .

I have had nightmares were I am getting chased before and one were I'm laying in my bed and something drags me under it.

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