Nightmares or Not?

by sharon gopaul
(trinidad )

Some nights when I go to sleep I wonder what will happen and I beg god to protect me. But I can never tell when its going to happen.

There was this one time where I couldn't sleep because my boyfriend broke up with me that day. Sobbing and hoping he would call I began hearing his voice calling me from outside, then all of a sudden there was this loud noise coming from the roof like something 100 pounds fell on it and rolled off.

A couple of seconds after I heard footsteps in the hall like someone was trampling all over then it knocked on my door. Scared to death I didn't know what to do so I covered up in my bed and forced myself to sleep.

There was this other time where I was asleep but I was sleeping on the wrong side as in my head was where my head was supposed to be and all of a sudden some thing shoved me real hard on the bed so that the upper part of my body raises I woke up in shock and when I went back on the bed it slapped me. This story is true and I hope you believe this.

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