No Babysitter

by Lottie

Once many years ago lived a 12 year old girl named Jess and she begged her parents not to get a baby sitter so they left her alone with no babysitter. At about 9:00PM the phone rang so she answered it but there was no reply. Then about 5 minutes later the TV went off, but the light was still on. So she sat there then at about 10 o clock all of the lights went off so she started crying because she was scared. Then she heard a whisper saying 'don't be scared'. So she ran but she tripped and went unconscious.

The next day her parents came home but she was not in her room then the dad needed a pee so he went to the bathroom and saw her DEAD in the bath. And on the wall it said 'ur next' AS IN WHO EVER READS this story your kids will die of this story or if you haven't got kids u will die SO BE CAREFUL. You have no escape and you've just read your life away.

In only one week you will suffer...

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