No Face

by phil

Like this but white.

Like this but white.

Hi my name's Phil. I have told a couple of my experiences on here before and here's another, however this is a recent one.

I have been followed by this guy in a black and white dress suit with white skin. He is relatively short considering I am 6.5 and he keeps his distance. If you have read my previous question you might have an idea of why it would keep its distance and I see this thing every now and then, but it has gotten bad.

The other night (by "the other day" I mean a few weeks ago) it had been getting bold and didn't get within reaching distance of me, but it was 8 meters away. I say that because I had remembered where he was standing and measured. Now I was in bed, but not asleep, just staring at the ceiling thinking and trying to communicate with this thing inside of me. It sometimes shows me things when I do go to sleep (if I think of it at night before I go to sleep). It's how we communicate. Most times its the same thing.

Anyway it's about this other guy and this guy had appeared without me noticing because I am almost in a trance like state when trying to communicate with this thing. So the thing that snapped me out of it was that the TV came on and the picture was of the old analog channels with no reception - all black and white ants looking things. That's when I snapped out of it and saw this close up of this no face guy on the TV. He had a white face with no eyes but bit of indents of where the eyes should have been; and no mouth or nose or ears, but a bit of sandy brown hair.

It was at that time I had noticed there were growing patches of darkness in the top corners of my room and I notice that there was things inside of the darkness. It was looking like an imp or goblin or something like that, but these things looked like they were helping this no face guy who looked like he was trying to say or do something. I was starting to get angry and that's when I saw him. He was 8 meters away from me, just outside my window. I had started getting riled up and I thought to myself NO!

I haven't had an incident for a while. I was going to have one here in my new house with friends and so I rolled over and ignored him and the others and I missed one thing that wasn't said by me it wasn't really said vocally but it felt like it was directed at no face and it was "you're lucky" and just like that everything disappeared and the darkness went away. My room is covered/shaded from light so my room is really dark and the darkness in the corner was exceptionally dark, like a physical darkness, but this was on the 5th night I had been seeing this no face guy.

The next night it was similar, but I just ignored it as before: didn't get angry but just got annoyed and it would do the turning on the TV thing all through the night. It wasn't just once. It was constant. I would be sleeping and the TV would come on, and again because my room is dark and light is bright, a TV is really bright and I was waking up from it turning the TV off and going back to sleep.

Now the final night he appeared was a night he won't forget and never come back because my friends went to their parent's place down in Brisbane so I was home alone. Well that's when they usually try things - when you're all alone, but it was quite interesting and it relates to some of the people's comments I leave about telling them to leave and such.

Anyway as night came I was driving around and as it got darker I had started seeing him on the side of the road. I just kept passing him and that's when I had had enough. So I went to my favourite place to meditate and to think, which is a lookout looking out over the city and the ocean, and this place is lit up when the moon is out and this time it was bright, but wasn't full. Just as I had hoped he was there, as he has been following me, but the moonlight was shining off of him and his skin was glowing. I got the feeling like I didn't want him to go away - like I wanted him around. It was strange. It's the first time I felt that way about these different things.

I was entranced by its faceless shining white skin. I wasn't angry with it for constantly turning on the TV at night. I remember it sooo well it was literally a magical moment. I wanted it to be around forever and never go away. I wanted it as a friend. I came to the realisation later on that when something like this has happened before I have had people either around me or with me, but at this place it was just me. I had realised after what it was doing that it had worked its way into me. It saw what I wanted, what I didn't have, and what I was afraid of, but I didnt know this at the time.

At the time I wanted it as my friend because I could feel it telling me it wasn't going anywhere, it wouldn't leave, and it would believe me. It was saying all I wanted to hear and so I started walking towards it as it kept talking to me in my mind. I should mention it kind of hard to speak without a mouth and I was entranced and it made me see it as a girl glistening in the moonlight. A girl with sandy brown, long hair down to her waist and wore a wide brimmed yellow hat and a yellow dress with those frilly lacey things under the outer part of the dress at the legs and pouty red lips and blue eyes that seemed sparkle. The light on the dress made it look like it was made of gold and yellow shoes or slippers with a red flower that was on the connecting strap of the shoes/slippers.

One of the final things it said to me was, and no matter how hard I try to figure out what it said I cannot get it - like it has been silenced or bleeped out even at the moment. It's like the word wasn't meant for me. I have come to the conclusion that it was a name; a name that I am not allowed to know. The last thing it said was "I will stay with you and protect you forever and will never leave, but the only thing you need to do is let me in and ******** out." In that instance (is why I think I am not allowed to know its name) I had one word come to mind and that word was (excuse the language) FUCK!

I had realised my will was broken and I was crying. The last time I had cried was when I was 9. I am 28 this year. My heart has been closed tighter than a vault and away from everyone for so long I was balling my eyes out, but I was out of the trance and could see the no face standing just a few centimeters in front of me. My eyes were glazed over by all the tears, but I don't know why I was crying. The fact that this thing broke me so easily or that I was more frightened of this thing inside me - who now has a name which I didn't hear and I felt it when its name was said. It hurt like hell. My body burned like it was on fire - the hottest fire - and I have been close to really hot flames before (eg white flames - look it up).

I made it but this was hot as hell and it was on the inside, like it had targeted my very soul, but because of the excessive heat I had well thought I passed out. But that wasn't that case. It just came out and when I came to I was in the shower washing what seemed to be blood off me, but most of it was mine. I had been cut from my shoulder blade all across to my chest even though it looked large and severe it wasn't bleeding. It was like it had stopped the bleeding and I had noticed that my eyes were bleeding. The cut was 3 claw looking marks and my heart just wouldn't stop pounding. It was going crazy.

So I went to bed or laid down in bed and wondered on what happened and how I got back and did I drive or walk? The next day was the most quiet and uncomfortable day ever. I had next to no energy and even less motivation to do anything, but I was better the next day. I was able to close off my heart again and talk to everyone like I usually do and I went to the doctors because I only go to my gp (because all the others are useless and only concerned about making money) and I told him most of it, not knowing if he would believe me or think I am crazy.

Then I showed him the claw mark looking cuts and to my surprise, and to his because of how I described them, the wounds were for the most part closed up and they were now red marks, but the important part was that they were still there. He did scans for my eyes and there was nothing wrong with them. He said go straight to him if anything happens. I had a feeling that he knew or understood what happened.

I guess the whole point of this story is to see if anyone else has had an encounter like this or come face to face so to speak with the no face guy or even had something like your very will had been broken and was saved by something.

Sorry for the super long story, the thing this thing usually shows me are things that are going to happen that is funny or amusing for both of us. Never one sided or something that will be of consequence. Like, just say if I trip over something at the shops. There will be bad things happening, but one thing he shows me quite often is a dream/message. I am driving in a car on a long straight road. No turns and it's so long that you cannot see the end of the road. There's just a red light at the end, but I cannot turn off the road or stop. However I eventually slow down when I see these black being with glowing yellow eyes. They don't say anything, but I hear them as if they are saying "no matter what you do your path leads to the same place." Then I start to drive again, going towards the red glow, when it starts to feel hot. I wake up in a sweat, but like I said earlier on in my story when I was younger it was harder to control, but as I was getting older I found it easier to not have it come out. Instead I just get uncontrollable rage where I find it easy to just verbally let it out, then physically.

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