No Joke!!

by Kat

Right so I was just walking home and I was listening to my music on my phone and I saw somebody's head peek around the corner of a hedge and when I seen it I looked at my phone looked back and it was gone.

So I carried on walking thinking "oh I'm just tired" and I saw it again and this time it wasn't going. I froze and stared and I didn't want to walk any closer because it meant walking past it. I seen it move and I quickly ran then felt breathing on my neck. I was soooo scared i shouted "leave me alone!" and I heard a whisper saying my name so I ran all the way home told my mum and my mum asked if i was on drugs!!!!!!!!!

Well I know what I saw and heard and whoever experiences should be listened to because it is not nice. Thanks for reading my story <3 x

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