Not All Ghosts Are Bad

by tobert

First, excuse my English as it is not my native language.

Now the story I am about to tell you did not happen to me but to my brother in law. You must know that he is a very down to earth guy, the kind of guy that would say ghosts do not exist, part of which makes this story for me anyway, valid.

He was in college and had 2 part time jobs, one as a waiter after classes and one as a nightguard / nightnanny at an orphanage. He said he loved his second job because he got to study, sleep and the kids there were "Angels with sad faces" as his exact words were.

Anyway in one night just as in most of them after he had done his homework and studied for sometime he went to take a nap. Not five minutes after falling asleep a little girl woke him up saying "...Mister Chris, sir, please wake up. We can't breath in our room." He then escorted her to the room did not see anything unusual. He told her to go back to sleep and that all is well.

This happened 3 more times and by now he got a little angry and by the time he got to the stairs where the room was he remembered that the room was closed from the outside (in Eastern Europe orphanages are hellish - they lock kids in from the outside), meaning that each time he let the little girl in to go to bed he had to unlock the door.

By now he got really scared, so he entered the room and looked around. All the kids were sleeping there was no little girl to be found. There were also no empty beds, so who woke him up?

It was then that he noticed a strong smell of gas coming from a vent. He immediately woke the kids and evacuated them and called the firemen because there was a punctured gas pipe that was slowly filling the kids room with toxic gas.

To this day he believes the little girl was a ghost who woke him up to save all 11 of the kids. According to the firemen if he hadn't they would have been dead by morning.

I kinda believe him because he is not the kind the guy to scare easily nor the kind of guy that believes in this kind of thing but there you have it.

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