Not Alone

In real, I'm anti-social, & not much people like me. So, I usually go on the computer and have friends on there. but that's not the point in the story. All I know, is that I hear things.. and see the most unexpected.

So, when mum tells me to go to sleep, I fake sleep for about 30 minutes, then sneakily go on my laptop. I usually listen to music, and am usually on there til about 3 in the morning (I know, I have no life). And always, at about 11:23pm, my headphones start to fuzz out. That's when I hear the tapping. tap.... tap... tap.... It freaks me out. then when the tapping is about to stop, I hear this "Tap... tap.... Bang!" It's like the tapping works it's way around the room. At one point I hear it on the wall furthest away from me, then I hear it on the window closest to me, then I hear it under my bed. I'm too scared to look under when I hear it...

Then after the tapping stops, I hear this kind of voice, sounds like it's going.. "mmmmmmm-- eeeeeee- aa-" It's really hard to describe... but it whispers that. It freaks me out.. I'm too scared to tell my mum. It's happened ever since I was 10. I'm 13 now, & it happens nearly every night.

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