Not Scary Just Strange

This happened right after I moved over seas. I was in seventh grade before I moved. I really didn't want to leave my friends right after I had just settled into this small town. I was really close to them, and they were like my family. My mom sent me to my dad's house in Texas for the summer, then off to Germany where I would soon be staying for three years.

I will admit, I was a mess. I felt like someone had just ripped a piece of my heart out, and I lost my appetite and will to get up off the couch. All of my friends kept trying to talk to my mom to let me stay with them, and they even went so far as to scream at her. This really shocked me, but I was still extremely happy to see them fight for me. Even if they still didn't convince her to let me stay.

One day, when I was sitting alone at the cafeteria of my new school, I heard someone's voice in my head. It sounded a lot like one of my friends so I kind of freaked out and started looking around the room to find him. His voice was so clear, like he was really talking to me, and he told me to calm down or else people will think I'm weird and I won't make friends...

Every time I would get into a situation where I needed someone to talk to or I needed advice, I would hear his voice. I thought that I was crazy or something, until one day I was taking a test in history class. I have a bad memory, so of course I was getting bad grades in this class. There was a lot of stuff on the test that I didn't even study for or learn in class. I started stressing out, because I was the only one left still taking the test. Suddenly, I heard his voice telling me the answers! I could hear him saying the letter to choose for the multiple choice "a, c, a, d, b". He even helped me with the short answer questions and told me what I should write.

Sometimes he would tell me things that were about to happen, and he was always right. I finally accepted the fact that I can hear him and it became a regular thing, until I started making new friends. He started talking to me less frequently as I made more friends, until I couldn't hear his voice anymore.

I'm not sure if this was just part of me being lonely and creating his voice in my mind, or if he was watching over me. I never heard him again, and it's been about nine months. The last thing he said to me was "I'm really going to miss you".

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