not sure this means anything

by dragonfire

When I was a baby I had a lot of health problems (heart attacks, seizures, sleep apnea) and when I was 2 I had a heart attack and was pronounced dead by paramedics. But when they gave up on me after about 10 minutes my mother continued CPR and was able to bring me back after another 15 min. Since then I have had a number of things happen to me severe abuse and numerous supernatural things happen to me.

My dad had a bad feeling one time when I was about 5 and he came in to check on me and saw a dark hooded figure standing next to me and reaching for me in while I was in bed. He didn't know what to do and that's when a figure glowing white appeared and grabbed the dark one and they both disappeared.

I have seen so many spirits like boys running across the ceiling, men hanging in doorways, women in attic windows, glowing red eyes in the dark. I have even seen what I consider to be the grim reaper outside my bedroom window.

I also have predicted things like my grandfathers death. And somehow knew that my mother needed help when she was at work when she started having problems with her multiple personalities.

Ever since I was in elementary school I have had visions of violence flash through my head and it was usually me in these flashes performing these acts. When I was 11 or 12 I started to feel as if there was something dark inside me trying to claw its way out. As time progressed the flashes became more realistic and brutal. I also started to feel an anger and rage that was so intense that I was scared of what I might be capable of. I soon realized that this thing in me wasn't natural and had to be kept locked up inside.

A lot of times it isn't easy and there are leaks that happen when I get angry or upset and it starts to come out. But somehow I keep it in check. He likes to let me know he's there by showing me flashes of hurting my family and those around me.

Now I have always been abnormally strong. Pushed a truck into a garage by myself at 13. In high school lifted the back end of my now wife's truck with people on the bed of it - not real far but enough to scare the heck out of everyone.

The thing of it all is that I have always thought that there was a possibility that when I had died that maybe something sneaked in with me when I came back. And its just gathering strength to be able to overpower me.

Honestly I am expecting at least one person to say I am crazy.

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