Number 13

by rock

It started on a sunny day in Jacksonville, Florida. I was 17 years old, out boogie boarding with 2 friends, after about 2 hours of it I went big and wiped out, my board didn't have a leash on it and it was torn away from me, I was left about 50 yards from shore, I thought, no problem just swim in.

I started to swim but the shore line seemed to get further and further away, I was caught in a undertow and didn't know it, after about 20 minutes I was getting very tired and started to panic, crying and swallowing sea water. I thought this was the end for, yelling for help at the top of my lungs and going under to see how deep I was. Maybe I could walk along the bottom but was too tired to try.

I screamed for God to save me nothing happened, thinking this was it I was getting mad at it all and yelled "Satan help me!" As soon as I yelled his name I saw a surfer come right up to me an say you need some help, he put me on his board and paddled me to shore.

I threw up sea water for about 30 minutes thanking him so much and crying he saved my life, that ended my attempt to surf. About 3 years later living at 1039 = 13 cove landing dr is where I think I lost my soul.

My mom I thought back then was crazy. She had OCD or something real bad, if you came in the house you had to take a shower, and if you left for any reason or an length of time you had to take another shower. Well one day I was fed-up with that crap and took out a piece of paper and poked my finger and wrote in blood to the devil, hurt her and I want money, I signed it, then burned the paper. The very next day, me and my brother got a call from my mom at work saying she broke her ankle bad at work I was like holy crap. About a year later she settled with workman's comp gave me and my brother 10 thousand dollars a piece.

I really didn't think anything of it until weird things started to happen to me. I would get lucky with getting money and jobs etc... like when I moved to PA the second week I was here I got a job with GTE starting out at at 12 an hour. I got laid off and they sent me to college for free. I became a welder, after some dead end jobs I joined the Navy. The second week of boot camp I got a blood clot in my leg, the navy retired me with benefits 20% at the start. I came back to PA and got a job with wards ground level. Within 5 years I was a CMM operator making 80k a year. With more blood clots an health problems I was retired by the VA and social security making 50k a year at the age of 34.

After spending 20 years with the same girl we parted ways and that's when I started to notice everything weird in my life had to do with the number 13!!!

She left or ended our relationship on March 13th and I packed her stuff up. The storage shed they gave me was number 13. I remember telling a girl I liked one night at her house about this reoccurring number 13 that's when she told me she was born on Feb. 13

I started to get spooked.

Well needless to say it doesn't stop there. I recently had a bad car accident. it happened on the 1st day of the 3rd month (=13) of 2013 (=13) on road 328 (3+2+8=13) which has me really thinking is this all coincidence or powers at work?

Well after being single for 2 and half years and nothing for me in this small town I was moving where my mom and brother lived, but then the accident happened and I broke my leg pretty bad. After my second surgery they assigned me with a home care nurse to change the wound-vac thing on my leg and I met the girl of my dreams. And guess what her birthday is? June 13.

I was telling her about the 13's an something came to me I was living at lot 49 for 17 years (4+9=13). It happened just now also. I'm am looking at this black high school notebook I'm writing this in and said it couldn't have 13 on it. Guess again. Pen-Tab Industries Inc, Front Royal, Virginia , 22630 (2+2+6+3+0=13).

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