Ocean Wish

by Jan Rodriguez Estrella
(Puerto Rico)

It all started one night. I was so tired from that day I went to the beach on the 4th of July. Before I went to bed I remembered there was this feeling I had when I went to the beach. It was as if I was home after 1000 years. I started to go to sleep, but all of sudden I was at a beautiful beach. It was at night and there was big full moon and there were so many stars.

All of a sudden there was a woman rising from the water. She was wearing a blue dress and she had long beautiful long blonde hair. Suddenly she got closer and she started to sing. She sang "star bright star light stars that shine sing a wish to me tonight", then I felt amazing blue light starting to form around me and I wished I was my true self.

Water started to form around the woman then she was gone. I started to step closer and closer into the ocean. I kept going until there was water touching my waist, then water around me started to glow and sparkle. I kept going. Then I stopped at the point where water was touching my torso. Then the water started to shine really bright. I kept going until water was touching everything but my head. Then the water started bubble and a beam of light surrounded me.

I heard the woman's voice telling me to close my eyes and focus. When I opened my eyes my waist was gone all I had was a fish tail. Then the woman said "You are now and forever free to be your true self my sweet child." And then I woke up feeling as if the ocean is calling me.

I am only 13 years old. I only want to know what this means.

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