Ode to the Vampire Mother - Am I Being Contacted?

by griffin
( USA,denver,colarado)

Okay first of all I want to start by saying no negative comments. I'm percent 100 serious and really want to know thank you and here's my short story.

Okay one day I stumbled upon an ode to the nightmother - a chant that's said to summon a vampire. A while later I started hearing banging outside my house and it's not a coincidence cause each time I hear noise I feel like I'm being watched. Are the so called vampires waiting for me to go outside or what?

So if you've done this please tell me what happened or any effects it has had on you. I am freaked out like no way and the vampire chant is when you click on vampire scroll all the way down and there should be a category that says vampire spell and under it it says ode to the nightmother in latin and english so heck give it a try. tell me what happens.

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