One Full Moon

by Chloe

My friend told me when we were at school that she was a werewolf. I didn't believe her cause I thought that she was just trying to scare me. When I got home from school I wanted so much to tell my mom what my friend said but I know that my mom wouldn't believe and say that I have watched too many scary movies.

Later that night I guessed that my friend just was trying to scare me cause that night it was a full moon. I woke up at 3 am. I couldn't go back to sleep so I went to the sliding glass door in the kitchen, rolled up the blinds and looked out the window. Everything was still on the yard the moon shined down on the yard then that's when I saw it.

A tall dog like shape on its hind legs turned and looked me in the eyes. It had deep brown eyes like my friends, I knew no dog could get into my backyard cause there was a fence so my own dogs couldn't get out. Then my dogs, Parker and Sarah came to the door and started to growl low, very low.

So to calm them down I took them to my room, then an hour later they growl again jumped onto the bed to protect me. It was a long night of full moon drama. Every full moon my dogs and I see the werewolf. And growl all night.

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