Orange Shadow

by Rohan

I am only eleven and this was one freaky night.
It was about 3 am and I woke up breathing heavy and my door was wide open I don't remember shutting it but I am sure I did.
Our stairs have a part in the middle where you could fall to the ground floor so no one goes near it, it actually has a barrier around it we call it the drop.
Anyway, I was looking at the drop and floating in it was a 3D orange shadow humanoid and it was just floating there. A normal person would just have fallen but it was definitely there.
It was looking at me not moving but I couldn't breath I felt like my chest was being closed.
I tried shouting my dad but nothing would come out, but I must have said something because my dad came out of his bedroom to get me.
It disappeared and I've never seen it since.
But I close my door every night.


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