by Christina D Smith
(Orange County, California, USA)

Well... To begin with - what is real and what is fake? My story is real to me, so I do not care if it is fake to other people who do not believe it.

I must start my experience with my beliefs. I believe there is a GOD. However you want to see it. I believe there are demons here on Earth. I believe that as a human I am vulnerable to attack from/by demons at anytime.

Now just cause I believe these things doesn't mean I am some little shivering in-the-corner afraid-of-everything person.

I have faith in what I believe. But there was a time when I challenged any demon to try and shake it! Don't let me leave out the part that I was quite drunk when I had done so.

Ok now with that being typed...

I do not know when exactly but the time period that this experience lasted was a little over a year.

I was taken over by SOMETHING. I had no control of my actions. I could live day to day, doing everyday tasks. But if a person tried to have a conversation with me I somehow by the end of it, would be talking about "killing child molesters".
If you said "hi" or "how ya doin" to me, my response would be any number of things on how to kill child molesters.

Now to some people I can see how this could be confusing. Cause child molesters are bad right?
So killing them off wouldn't be such a bad thing, right?


I am not here to judge anyone OR carry Judgement.

Anyway one day this Demon was knocked out of me. The jolt (which I cannot explain how it felt) actually knocked me a jump backwards, and then a jump to the side.

What happen next is whats the most scary.
My sister was with me. When it was knocked out of me I seen it go into her. She in that same instant changed her appearance. Her facial muscles twisted and tensed up, her expression changed. As that was going on with her, I suddenly felt a great relief deep with in me.

Then I understood what had been going on.
Only now it was gone from me and now in my Sister.
I tried to point that out to her, but of course, she couldnt hear me.

Then a few weeks later I had seen my Sister again, and over heard a conversation between her and her boyfriend about ORBS.

He had a recording of ORBS. These orbs could be seen all around the house.

To this day, anybody that lives in that house ends up with serious health conditions, or gets scratches and burns that cannot be explained.

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