Orthos and Cerberus

by Laika Venduri

Ok, so Orthros was feeling pretty useless (I mean, who wouldn't if your brother was more famous than you and all he'd done was grow one more head!?) and he was just moping around in the big cave where his master slept, when suddenly he heard a noise. He raised his snouts in the air and took a long sniff. It was a man! Someone was raiding his master's territory! Well, he may have only had two heads but neither of them would stand for this! He shot of like a rocket, following the scent trail to its source.


A little while later, Orthos came across the end of the scent trail. From his vantage point in a blackberry bush, Orthos (although he didn't know it of course) could see Hercules. Well, he was just about to leap up and tear him to shreds when he felt a huge pain at the back of his skulls. It was Cerberus! Orthos yelped with agony and tried to twist out of the vice-like grip of Cerberus, but his three heads held on like there was no tommorrow. Sadly for Orthos, there wasn't.

Cerberus shook his head from side to side, snapping both of Orthos' necks and ripping his heads clean off.
The last thing the two-headed dog heard was Hercules, cackling his victory to the world.

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