Orthros Kills Hercules

by Orthros Fan 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
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One of Orthros's heads.

One of Orthros's heads.

On a hot summer day, a white Husky pup with 3 heads was born. When Orthros grew up, he was big and powerful, his older brother, Cerberus was now Hades's dog. Orthros had to find a home for himself.
One day, when Zeus was running away from Hera, he saw Orthros sleeping. "What is this poor dog doing by himself?" Asked Zeus. Orthros woke up and licked Zeus's face. "You're a good dog. I'm going to keep you!" Said Zeus. Orthros was pleased to have an owner.
"Get this hellhound out of here!" Yelled Hera.
"No, I'm keeping Orthros!"
One day, Hades was jealous of Zeus because his lightning bolt was cool. They were fighting and fighting. Cerberus ran away and left his owner fighting by himself. But loyal Orthros would not leave Zeus. When Zeus looked at his dog, he had grown bigger, much bigger. Orthros was blowing fire everywhere!

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