Orthros Returns

When Hercules killed Orthros, he expected that he would never have to see the likes of him ever again. But despite all the odds, Orthros returned when his mother, Echidna, managed to somehow find him & breathed a loving breath of life straight into his lungs as well as piercing his mind with the thought of... REVENGE.

He was driven to the home of Hercules, years after his unsuccessful death. After destroying the fields outside of Hercules' house, he knocked down the door & bellowing how he wanted Hercules to come out & fight him, again. He threatened to destroy everything Hercules held dear.

When Hercules finally came out to fight Orthros, he was surprised to find that his challenger was supposed to be dead. He reluctantly began to fight with the apparently undead canine...

(To be continued... By you! PLEASE continue my story! I can't wait to see how my fellow visitors choose to end the great battle!)

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