Orthros the Devourer

by Evel Angel Muñiz Quiles
(Puerto Rico)

The son of Typhon and Equidna, Othros was a monstrously sized giant dog who was known to swallow the moon and sun but when he ate one he spit out the other.

One day he met the hero Hercules and they made a plot. Othros would betray his master by pretending to be dead and then he and Hercules could split the cattle later. But when Hercules killed the giant he realised Othros and the cattle were gone and were never seen again.

It is said that Othros went to the underworld and rescued his brothers, the chimera, the hydra and Cerberus by trading them for the red cattle. They went on to make many myths around the world. The chimera went to japan where it is now known as Nue. Cerberus became the father of all black and hell hounds that are now widely known. Orthros lost one head and became known as Hachiko the loyal dog and the Hydra became the father of the most evil dragons like the wyvern and smok.

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