by Seasonstar

Orthros looked out over his field of large, magnificent red cattle. To him, this place was already his. The king had no possession over this island.

Of course, Orthros knew Geryon was the king. He knew he had a lot to live up to because of his parents and siblings. Yet he was Orthros - the two headed monster dog. All those in their right mind should fear him. He was in a high position- and one of trust as well.

His plot was to get to a point where he was trusted above all else. Maybe even a guard dog instead of a insignificant cattle dog. He would kill the king himself, or start a war and thrust the entire island into chaos. Mercilessly he'd spread the chaos across the world if he can - one place at a time.

"Orthros! Pay attention." Eurytion said, snapping Orthros out of his plotting. He looked around and saw one of the cattle getting further away then the others.

Both of Orthros's heads barked savagely, chasing the cattle back into the main herd. When it was time for the herd to move once more, he helped as usual. It was always the same, and he didn't mind it for the time being, but he did have a legacy to work up to.

Many months passed, and Orthros was one of the most trusted creatures on the island. His plan was almost complete, and it satisfied him.
That was- until Hercules came. He came in on horseback and was far stronger than most that made their ways into this island. He came, and attacked the cattle, his intention to steal them away.

Orthros couldn't even move before Hercules was suddenly almost on top of him. He knew then that all his plans were going to be for nothing. There was a sharp pain before nothingness.

The next thing Orthros was aware of was water. The sound of water, and it was uncomfortable. With his nose being stronger than a human's nose, the smell of death was choking. He even scented it on himself!

He looked around the pitch blackness. No shades nor hues opened up for him, until the boat rocked and he looked into the water.

Faces stared up at him, glowing with an odd darkness. He moved away before the tunnel opened up.

He suddenly knew where it was he had ended up in. It was the gate to the Underworld. The proof was standing far above him, chained to a wall with large metal rings that seemed to be the size of a house each.

It was his brother, Cerberus. Orthros knew he was dead, and so he closed his eyes and awaited it patiently, knowing nothing else could bring him back.

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