Ouija Board Encounter

by Yejin
(Louisiana )

So I just wanna start this story off by saying that this isn't my first encounter with a ghost or demon of some kind. Me and my family live in an old house that was made in the 1850's, my great great great grandfather was American so my mother had inherited the house.

We moved in 3 years ago (I had just turned 14) and since then ghosts, or should I say tricksters, have been annoying me and my brother. They move and hide our belongings, rip up study notes, they've even written me a note. I can remember it as clear as day, it read: I know you can see me so stop pretending. I know when it's time so for you I'll be waiting. I was creeped out and ripped it up immediately.

Anyway, back to the point. Last week, me, my brother and 2 friends, after looking through some boxes in the attic, found a Ouija board. I wasn't so up for the idea of inviting something into a house that was already haunted, nevertheless we ended up sitting in my bedroom with the board. My friend Lucy lit some candles and placed them around the board while I stood to turn off the ceiling light.

We asked some general questions (what is your name, age etc.) but my friend Ming is quite skeptical and was convinced that someone was moving the pointer. So, laughing, she asked if the spirit could prove her 'existence', the pointer would shake but nothing more than that.

We said goodbye, and just sat there for a few seconds before doing anything. Ming said the whole thing was bs and stood up to go and turn the light back on. But as she did so, a white figure grabbed onto her arm. Harsh breathing was heard by everyone in the room, the temperature dropped a couple degrees and then a girl's voice echoed around my room.

"Here I am." She said and then the candles went out. Ming got her cell phone from her pocket and used the device as a light source to get to the light switch. She turned on the light and we all sighed in relief.

But we heard the girls voice again. "That's cheating, games don't work like that. Cheaters shouldn't get to-" She was cut short as my mother opened my bedroom door, telling us that dinner was ready. I mentally thanked my mother, I really believe that she saved our lives at that moment.

However, it didn't stop there.

Since then, the girl hasn't left me alone. When I get ready in the morning, in the mirror I see something behind me. But of course when I turn around, there is no one there but there is the note that I got years ago. My heart dropped and again I ripped it up.

This morning though, I received a new note, it read: it's now your time just like it was mine, In a few days I'll start counting to nine. I kept it this time and I put it my purse so I could show it to Lucy and Ming, but by the time I got to see them the note had gone.

I'm really scared, I don't know what's going to happen and what does it mean by 'count to nine'? How can I get rid of this ghost?? Please help.

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