Ouija Board in an Indian Burial Ground

by Chris
(California, United States)

To make a very long story short, I had a friend in high school whom used to take people to this "haunted" burial ground that his father showed him. I only went because I believed it to be complete b/s. There's a tree there that you sit on. And supposedly a spirit haunts the tree and if you sit on the branch long enough it will reach out and touch you.

So me and several others sat on this branch, as I was looking to disprove it, and within less than a minute. We heard footsteps fast approaching behind us. Keep in mind it was pitch black and midnight away from the city so it was very dark and I turned around to see and of course saw nothing. All my friends ran and so I did too. I was a skeptic but that experience made the hairs on my neck stand up straight.

We had a photograph of us taken in front of the tree and to my surprise there were various orbs floating around in the picture. My story doesn't end here though.

The tree was not the truly scary part. We then took our cars up to a trail which was also supposedly haunted. When we got there we all sat up at a bench and my friend brought out a Ouija board and convinced us to use it. Now until then I thought Ouija boards to also be complete fiction. Until we started using it and asking it questions that people that were playing wouldn't have known.

For instance I asked it what my grandmothers name was that had passed away and when it spelt out Beverly for me my heart nearly dropped into my stomach. To make it worse after we said goodbye and started walking down the trail where the Indian burial ground was, I heard some things that to this day I cannot explain. The first thing that really scared me was we heard whispering coming from all areas of the brush and bushes around us and I wasn't the only one that had heard it.

Second we heard a baby crying, that's right a baby screaming crying. And third little pebbles were being tossed from the bushes at us as though we were not at all welcome. The whole time all I had a strange sense that I was being watched. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

Unfortunately it didn't stop there.

From touching the Ouija board I had brought an unwelcome guest back to my home. The first night I had a bit of trouble sleeping, normally I always have to sleep in complete darkness. I never leave the TV on and I shared a room with my older brother at the time who just happened to not be home that night. Basically I left my TV on and I never do that. To my surprise I woke up at about 4:30 in the morning and the TV was off. I didn't set a timer and my brother hadn't come home, I thought to myself its probably just a coincidence, maybe the power had went out or something. So I turned it back on and that's when I heard a loud thud. I have a sliding mirror closet door and something had struck the door and made it move. I thought to myself something must have fallen down inside and that I'd check in the morning even though it made me scared stiff.

Finally I convinced myself it was nothing and fell back asleep but the next morning when I awoke and opened the door to check what had fallen, nothing was there. At that point I definitely regretted touching the board because my superstitious father had warned me not to mess with witchcraft.

Either way it was quiet for the next few days until one night me and my brother both awoke to his laptop blaring music on full blast in the middle of the night. The explainable part was that at night he placed the computer under his bed and not only was it on his desk but it was sitting open yet when we both awoke and he made his way to it to turn it off no music program was even open. He had to literally pull the battery out to get it to stop. After that I experienced no more encounters with my "friend" that I'd brought home with me. To this day though however I am now a strong believer in the supernatural and unseen. I don't think I'll ever be able to explain what happened that night but my brother even dismissed my claims about the burial ground as nothing until his computer got mind of its own. Thank goodness the events stopped but I will never use an Ouija board again.

-Now a believer

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