Ouija Board

by Ashtin Thompson
(Washington State)

Alright, So, in my last year of being at middle school I was going through my stage of being that typical emo/scene kid that hung around the school, or did out of the ordinary things. Including messing with an Ouija Board.

A friend of mine, (I won't say who) liked witch-craft, and told me that she sees things others can't. I didn't really believe her on the last part, but I did witness her and her younger sister doing witch-craft things. Even had many books on it and what not. Well, one night-- another friend came along with me, who also knew my little witch-craft friend. And we planned to spend the night. We spent most of the day talking about scary things that have been happening at my friends house, (Witch-craft friend.) And how she felt something was there with her.

Well, it was night-time then. After a whole day of talking about scary experiences. (Mind you, I've never had any super-natural experiences.) And my friend pulled out an Ouija board. Telling me, 'We do other things to help bring out the spirits.' and started cutting her wrists with a thin piece of blade. Drawing these stars all along her bedroom wall-- with circles around them. I'm not so sure what they're called. But in all it was really freaky.

After all of that, we finally turned out the lights and lit our candles around us. We sat on the floor with the board in the middle of us four, (Myself, witch-craft friend, her sister, and my friend.) And my little witch-craft friend pulled out a little booklet, telling me I have to read this chant out loud-- since supposedly I was the best reader, and read things clearly. So I read the chant, and we all placed our two longest fingers on the piece that moves. And nothing happened for a little bit, as we kept asking 'Are there any ghost/spirits among us?' Until a few minutes later, the piece moved to 'yes.'

Now things were getting started, as we asked more questions-- none selfish or about God of any sort. Just 'What's your name?' All that good stuff. Then I asked, 'Are you a good spirit?' and the piece seemed to pause in the middle of the board. Just sitting there. Until it quickly went straight to, 'No.' this startled us. So we automatically went to 'goodbye' on the board. And closed it.

To finish off the night, we all fell asleep to a scary movie. 'The cave' to be exact. My witch-craft friend slept across the long hallway from her sisters room with my friend, (Who she also knew.) and I slept in the younger sisters room.

It was a good nights sleep, until in the middle of the night, I don't know what time-- Me and the younger sister woke up to the movie screen going white, and making that noise. Of course, some movies do that, after playing for awhile-- right? So me and her both layed back down on the bed, awake. And a few moments later-- her door being shut. We heard running in the hallway, the large noise of stomp like running coming up to her door, and SHAKING the door. Then it would run back down the long hallway, and back up-- doing this a few times. It finally stopped.

I couldn't move, and neither could the younger sister. So I waited about an hour before getting up from the bed, and opening the door to use the restroom, which was at the end of the hallway. Well, as I opened the door, I looked into her older sisters room to find a dark shadow huddling in the corner of her room. I immediately shut the door and crawled back into bed. Telling her younger sister what I saw. This was the most freakiest experience I've had with paranormal things.

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