Our Little Haunted House

by Tammy

We moved into this little 2 bedroom house. There wasn't anything special about it except the bathroom was dark blue. First thing dad did was paint over it with white numerous times but a stain kept coming through up in the right corner next to the ceiling.

Me and my brother shared one room. There was a little hall going past the bathroom and to our parent's room. One night I was sneaking in my window and you could see thru our door straight into our parent's room and their bed was in front of the door. There was some kind of hazy white cloud hanging over my mom's side of the bed. I had been drinking with a friend that lived up the road so didn't pay much attention. The dining room was always cold.

One night our dad woke us up. We went into the living room and orbs was dancing around the room. You could hear knocking in the walls. Our mom starting getting depressed and acting funny she was also seeing a therapist, Dr Ritchie. She tried to kill herself and went into the hospital for a bit. While she was there her Dr put her under hypnosis and she told him she was some girl named Brenda and her husband left her. We did some research and two women killed themselves in the bathroom. One shot her head off (stain on ceiling). Other slit her wrists. One that cut her wrist was Brenda.

Anyway mom came back home her preacher came by for a visit. He kneeled and prayed for god to cleanse our house. Then stood and said I felt it leave. When he left as soon as his car left the driveway the whole house went crazy. Knick knacks flew off shelves, cabinet doors slammed open then shut. We started moving immediately.

Very true story I was 12yrs old. Now that I think back I remember our parents left to go play cards or something at their friends house and my head started hurting. It hurt really bad too. I called my mom they came home, but man I thought my head was going to bust it was so intense. Moma gave me 2 pills and they knocked me out.

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