Our Shadow Friends

by Lacey
(Bethel Alaska )

So for the past months me and my friends have been feeling creeped out by something and haven't been feeling well, these past few weeks feeling like we having bad stomach pains and feeling like we're dead and we had no idea we all had the same problem till we told each other.

My friend #1 was at my house and decided to go out alone to go see her bf at like 12am and when she was coming back she took the shortcut and walked back to my house. She was on the street almost to my house when she sees a clear shadow of me staggering side to side like it was hurt going towards my house. She didn't know that I was upstairs sleeping and started running towards the shadow thinking it was me, but then it disappeared and reappeared in the spot that I usually walk to go in my house.

She got closer and saw the shadow open my door and go in so she ran up to my house ran into my room to find me dead asleep. She woke me up and I was confused and she told me she wasn't hallucinating and saw the exact figure outline of me.

Friend #2 had his family tormented while he's asleep, his mom and his brother trying to get up couldn't - being pushed down and not being able to talk, struggling, and then after a minute automatically stops and then the parents room door shuts closed. Not a gust of wind. Then the fire alarm goes off.

But before any of his family got bothered I was at his house early in the morning just making breakfast and then we went into his room and I heard footsteps coming into the room and I felt some hand on my shoulder and hot breath down my neck and then felt it letting go and walking out in the hall. So I tell my friend to follow and we walked to the couch and we both got shivers down our spine and the footsteps got quiet and the couch creaked and now everywhere me and my friends go we feel like we're being followed and every now and then we see a shadow of us hurt in the distance.

What does this mean?

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