Out of Body

by Manos

Well I was at the age of 11 and almost every night me and my friends were playing hide and seek. We usually played at my neighborhood cause it was too dark and everyone could hide easier.

My time has come to search for them and I started looking for them. When I finally found the first one (she was hiding behind a car) I pretended I didn't see her so I could check the street if any car or motorcycle was passing by in order to cross it.

After I checked the street I started running, but the time I was crossing the road a motorcycle was going with speed the wrong way.

It hit me with force. But I have no actually memory of me being hit by that motorcycle. In fact that moment something weird happened and I was like another person walking and seeing a kid(me) being hit by a motorcycle. When I fell to the ground I came back to my body and I had no pain at all even though the motorcycle was running fast.

The funny side of the story is that I got up so easily and asked the man who was riding the motorcycle if he was okay :p

Can anyone help me explain what happened that night??

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