Overly Realistic Dreams

by Brittany Jackson-Hutt
(Maryland, USA)

Well I don't have an exact story to tell but every so often I have a multitude of dreams. Sometimes one or two weeks in a row. Most of these consist of people I have never met or situations that I would never be involved in.

There are four specific dreams I can remember at this time because this is the first time I shared them with the public and usually I push the dreams away because they scare me so bad.

Dream 1: This is considerably one of the oldest dreams I can remember. It basically starts out with me walking down the side of a street alone (in all of my dreams I start out alone) then I hear something call out the name 'Janice'. The voice is to odd and deep to be human, but when I turn around no one is there. Then I hear a loud crash and I turn back around to see my middle school math teacher entrapped in a burning car screaming for help. As I attempt to run towards the car it explodes and I can see him turn black and burn. I also can feel the heat of the flame coming from the car then I snap out of my dream and I can't move when I wake up. The part that scares me the most is I believe that I am having a seizure after I wake up because my body uncontrollably spasms after I wake up and I cannot move.

Dream 2: This dream starts of as me being in a behind view (like I'm standing behind every person involved in the dream and I am also invisible. I suppose because the people in the dream seem to not notice me). Well it starts off with me in the woods (note that I am not a nature person and have never stepped foot in any set of wooded areas) and I can see someone in the distance. I walk/glide toward it and it turns out to be a woman with red hair, but she is afraid of something like something is following her or trying to hurt her. I attempt to ask her what is wrong but like I said before she seems to not notice me standing in front of her. Before I know it I'm alone again. Then a very tall man appears in front of me with his back turned to me and for some reason I am able to look over his shoulder to see what exactly is he looking at and it turns out he is watching the woman I described earlier. I never see the man's face but he starts walking to the woman and I follow for some reason the woman can not see her way around like me and the man can then the man grabs the woman and drags her away at an unusual speed and they disappear into the dark. I then also snap out of this dream but I can move but my head is throbbing.

Dream 3: This dream I call "The Cats". It starts off with me inside of a van but there is no driver, leaving me alone. Then suddenly a young man appears and tells me there's a storm coming. At first I don't believe him because the sky was the brightest blue I have ever seen but then it turns unusually dark and it starts to rain and I get out of the car the man is gone and I look for shelter I see a woman standing by a door coaxing me to come in before it floods outside. By now I'm already walking in ankle deep water and I can feel the rain soak my clothes and can feel myself getting cold. I finally get into this building and the woman is gone and I again am alone. Then a window suddenly appears in this room I'm in and I walk to it and look out. I see this poor cat in the rain so I run out of the building and I get it. The cat can barely move for some reason so I carry it in one arm. As I'm walking through this rain I see an orange and white cat that is struggling to walk so I pick this one up too and I keep walking. Then a car passes by me and asks if I would like to go home. Then I wake up. Weird huh?

Dream 4: This is the final dream I want to share with you for now. This one isn't as scary as the first and second but it scared me at the time. This one starts out at my sisters house. I'm in a panic, but none of my family members seem to notice me except my mom and one of my nieces. I tell them that everything is on fire outside and lava is coming right for us, but they seem unphased by this. I beg my brother in law to please drive us away from here and he keeps repeating "no gas, no gas". I look out the window and this strange lava is getting closer and closer so I pull my sister to the window so she can see but when I touch her all she does is scream this awful high pitch scream at me. Then I'm alone and I wake up.

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