Pale Faced Black Eyed Demon

by David
(ironton ohio)

Hello I need some help with not just this pale faced black eyed demon but with a little girl probably around the age of 11 or 12. But I only see them in reflections.

I've seen the little girl first in my living room mirror. I couldn't make out a face but she had long black hair that covered her face and every time I would get farther away she did too. Kind of like she wanted to be with me at all times.

The very first time I seen the pale faced black eyed demon was also in a reflection, but in a picture. The house has been vacant for a while but something told me to go back and figure out what was there. When I went back I couldn't go inside so I took a picture of my old bedroom and what I saw in the window looked demonic and did not want me to walk in.

I'm sorry if this story wasn't much, but please comment if you guys know of anything.

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