Paranormal Entity

by Apos
(Decatur, GA USA)

Hello. My sister has been experiencing very strange things all her life and I'm trying to find a way to help her. I think a entity has attached itself to her. She experiences things Such as:

Seeing the images of little children and men/or a man holding an axe.

The shadow of objects will "move" unnaturally. And other shadows will move by themselves.

She hears footsteps sometimes.

She hears knocking at her bedroom door, constant knocking for like a minute at a time.

She hears murmurs and whispers.

Whole objects will move by themselves. Like her socks, the curtain etc.

She has a lot of crazy dreams and nightmares.

This has been happening for a long time to her. I have experienced some of what she has, but she has it A LOT worse than me. Keep in mind that these things have been happening to her in two different houses. Anyone who can help in any way please do so, I'm looking for any advice I can get. Thank you.


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