Paranormal Events

by mc

Ever since I was eight I would dream of things that were to happen in places I knew or thought I knew. I would dream my self lost and grown up. I had the same dream yearly and monthly. When I turned 10 I would find myself moving into a house where many of my family member had paranormal encounters. They would see a child's shadow or a man in black riding a black horse.

When I was around people were at peace and would see or hear anything. Months after I would smell colognes and perfumes or hear a woman call my name. I never felt scared although I feel constantly watched and protected. At the age of 20 I was scared by something I felt sat on top of me and heard it speak in a dark voice.

Currently I started seeing weird flower and zodiac sings as if they were tattooed in my arms. I also have some sort of visions that come true and sense things that have bad aura. Sometimes I say things that I don't know about or speak of things I don't know as they come true.

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