Peeping John

by mamabear

I'd like to consider myself a logical thinking person. I believe in the existence of supernatural things, but I don't actively try to seek them out....Anymore.

I was 17 and going to school at night to make up some HS credits. The school that I went to was/is supposedly very haunted being as it was a breeding ground for gang violence. I knew one person that took night classes because he shot someone in the school hallway and had to go to prison.

My friend Tashi told me this story one night about a boy that burnt to death in the Chem Lab. To me it just sounded like the usual fluff that makes a horror story....I mean, really? Who burns to death in a school chemistry lab?
Apparently John did.

There was a teacher at the school that confirmed the story and then some, he was there when it happened. They were doing some kind of lab that used gas and the gas valve at John's table exploded, killing him and injuring a few others.
Now let me get to the story:

The school was built with 3 levels, Orange, Green, Blue. The chem classes were located on the very top floor, the Blue floor. Directly across from the Lab where John died were the Boy and Girl bathrooms. Supposedly, John enjoyed spying on the girls as they went to the bathroom, with the chem lab so close to the restroom, it was easy for him to sneak in and out.

Well one night, Tashi and I decided that we were going to ditch our night classes and spend the evening tagging up the bathrooms (hey..I was idea of fun involved making public property uglier). Any way, we decided to start with the 3rd floor bathroom...across from the chem lab.

We had a third friend 'watching the hallway' (she was really just standing in the hall taking myspace worthy pics of herself). Tashi and I were joking with each other as we entered the girl's bathroom. We did our tagging and left..nothing happened. I decided that I was going to tag in the boys bathroom right next door. The third floor was empty at night because night classes took place on the lower levels. We went in to the boy's bathroom and started tagging on mirrors (that were already tagged on so no harm no foul). Nothing happened until we were leaving the room.

Tashi went out first, pushing the bathroom door wide open and I was right behind her. As my feet crossed the threshold, I heard someone whisper "heeey". Our Hallway Watchgaurd was still Cover girling herself, not paying attention. I opened my mouth to ask Tashi "what" when she turned to asked me the same. The hair stood up on my neck and my eyes started to water, Tashi was feeling the same things, but it hadn't been a scary situation, so we composed ourselves and left.

The next day, while I was at school I decided to use the third floor bathroom where everything happened the night before. I was in a bathroom stall, farthest from the entrance, second away from the back wall and I was alone.

I don't have to tell you what I was doing when the light panel on the ceiling directly in front of my stall flickered and then went out. I thought nothing of it even though I noticed it. Later that day, I went to the bathroom again only this time on the second floor, the Green floor. Different bathroom, different stall but the same thing happened. The light in front of my stall flickered and then went out. Creepy, but not enough to make me really take notice.

The next day, I took a detour and used the bathroom on the first floor. Same thing happened again. That was also the day that Tashi ran to me in tears, shaking from fear. She told me that she and some of her friends had played with a makeshift Ouija board (you just write out everything on plain paper and use a pen as your marker thingy). She said that she made contact with John and he threatened her for being overly curious about him. That was enough for me. I vowed that searching out things I didn't understand was something I would no longer do.

That night, after school, I went home and got into the shower. My bathroom light flickered before it went out.

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