People of the Light

by Unknown

I am a strange person myself. I'm not sure if it's real because I've never really seen them in person, just in my dreams. These beings help me understand more about the universe and what I'm doing here. Do not read if you think I'm a psychopath and if you will judge me.

It all started when I was a young boy, this witch-looking woman would always stare at me out from the distance. I would try to ignore the woman but she kept staring at me. I always knew that I shouldn't be scared because God was always on my side, so I ignored her until I was about 5. I never saw her again.

As I grew older I would always feel like something was watching me, but watching me in a way of light not evil. As I grew until 10-12 I would feel a good sensation in my body and I would wake up in the middle of the night hearing people, but people as they were invisible saying many weird things like this is the one and the other voice would say we have to test him some more and then the voice would vanish.

At the age 13-14 my current age, I started to get dreams, at first they were dreams of horror. I've always never feared, so then the dreams turned into explanations... The beings showed themselves in my dreams, they were tall people with blue eyes and blond hair, one that is man and one that is woman. I then had explanations of why and how and what we are doing here. And they told me they are like us, just a better version of us. They also told me I was chosen to do a task. I must not tell what my task is, but when the time comes, it will save us.

They told me I was the 5th member of light and they told me I was a disciple but not for religion. They told me things about the universe that I must not say until the time comes. And they told me not to view as the human race as different races, and told me we must not follow any religions because we are practically worshiping other beings that don't belong to our planets. They also said that we must also not show that we are an aggressive species and we must also not show ourselves as people that will fall to our knees. And people that will not be scared, because it's what fear that feeds some types of other non terrestrial beings that make us fear.

I'm not telling so much detail, but I'm not showing any details to not make you think that I'm crazy. They also told me other things, but other things that I also do not want to share. Anyways they told me that I passed the test of fear and that I will benefit the human race and that we will not become just an experiment but an independent nation that will advance and join other nations.

This is not Scientology, but it's the benefit to our war. We will become independent as long as i listen to my guide and not fail. It's not Scientology because they are telling me that we must not worship and because I had these dreams before I even knew what Scientology was.

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