"People" Who Live With Me

by Katy Sinclair
(Cody, WY, USA)

I'm scared of anything that isn't natural so this really scared me. I was watching a movie and then in the corner of my eye I saw someone walk from the bathroom to my bedroom. My brother and mom were sitting right next to me so I knew it wasn't them and my dad wasn't around. So I then went into my room and it was gone.

A few weeks later, I feel someone watching me sleep. I look up for a few seconds they are there and then gone. The next night my mom went upstairs and fell asleep. My brother and I both heard someone going up and down the stairs. We asked my mom if it was her and it sure wasn't.

The night right after that I heard someone say "Come to me love,". No one was home but me so I was wondering who it was. Then the voice said its name which really scared me. That night I had to use the restroom and I got up and went. Well on my way back to my bedroom, I saw a dark figure watching me.(AKA it was in my brothers doorway, which is next to my doorway).

So when I go to my dad's place to visit, every time I have doors closing and opening and the feeling that someone is watching me. This is no lie, but I want to know what this means.

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