Phantom Car

by Dave
(Windsor NY)

I'm 21 years old and have always believed in the paranormal. This is the first time where I've felt like something very bad was gonna happen to me and it scared me to the point I slept with a shotgun next to my bed that night.

It's dusk and to the point where if you used high beams it would be annoying. Well I'm on my way to visit my dad when I notice a car pull up behind me with it's high beams on. So thinking nothing of it I speed up and try to distance myself from it. The car stayed the same distance away no matter how fast I went so I took a slightly longer way on another road hoping they wouldn't follow... they did. I decided to take roads that barely anyone takes and sure enough the car is still right behind me with it's highs on.

Eventually I get to my dad's road and in hopes to throw the car off I crank the wheel and floor it at the last second onto the road. I turn to look at the car and I see a pale white face and dark black eyes starting at me. The moment our eyes met the thing cranked it's wheel in an attempt to hit me. I braced for impact, slammed on my brakes, and then impact, no glass breaking, nothing. So I bolt out of my car to see where the car went and it was gone.

Info on the site this happened. The road I was on you can see the stop sign at the end and about a mile in either direction of the connecting road and it starts out paved and then turns to dirt so I should've found a second pair of tire marks which were not there. Also I've done some research and haven't found any accidents that have happened at that spot ever. Any ideas?

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