Phantom Skull

by Stephen Sebert
(Corona California USA)

Me and my brother used to share a room and we are both very light sleepers. So while I was sleeping one night my brother got up to use the restroom and he woke me up on his way out. I saw him walk out and enter the restroom. I was still scared of the dark so I hid under my blanket clutching my stuffed tiger. As I waited I thought about looking to see if he was coming back so I opened my blanket just a little to see if he was coming and outside of my bed between the headboard cross planks I saw a skull head or grim reaper or something... it scared me so I screamed and threw my tiger at it through the cross bars and it disappeared and my brother came running in.

I've never seen anything like this nor have I ever seen anything close to it since this. I always think about it and it never escapes my mind. Can someone help me out? I have no idea what it was.

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