Phoenix Sighting, the Night Fliers, and the Patch of Grass

My experiences have been, by far, not the strangest posted on this page, but they still may be of some interest.

It all started when I was very young--probably five or six. So I had a strange dream. It had absolutely nothing to do with anything I had ever seen or done. In my dream, I was standing at a window and in the forest (the window was overlooking a forest), I saw a large, red and orange, feathered beast. It was probably around eight or nine feet tall, four legged, and had bird wings. Its head was like a bird's, but its body was strange; it had feathers and had claws at its feet, but it looked more like a cat, maybe a leopard or a lion in shape, although it had no tail. Then the beast disappeared. There my dream ended.

A little afterward, I looked out of a window and saw that beast. Major deja vu. Like in my dream, the beast simply disappeared. This happened once more in real life, then again in a dream.

A few years later came my second paranormal issue. I was standing in a parking lot at night with my dad. My dad was talking to one of his friends and I, being six, was bored. So I started looking at the sky, having nothing better to do. I was really freaked out by what I saw. I saw five brown and white beasts without wings (so how the heck were they flying), the one in the front having a slight red light on the front of its head, and what looked like a giant wooden box with two metal strips on the bottom being pulled by the five beasts. I know this sounds an awful lot like Santa Claus and all that crud with flying reindeer, but honestly, I'm not that dumb as to believe that, so the real question is, what were the beasts and what was their cargo? I shall probably never know, since I never saw them again.

The patch of grass was next. Probably has the best normal explanation according to scientists, but I still think it's very strange. So when I was ten, I had just read that a way to test for pixies was to dig up a chunk of grass and flip it grass-side down. Now it was the middle of of summer, and there wasn't any strong wind that day. So I decided to try that trick. I didn't really expect it to work, but I still thought it might be fun to try. So I dug up a chunk of grass and flipped it grass-side down. I went and did something else for a few hours and then came back to check on it. It was flipped grass-side up. Now, you're probably thinking that my parents did it or the wind did it or an animal did it, but neither of my parents had gone where I had dug up the grass, as I stated there was no wind strong enough to flip the grass over, and really, what animal would want to have anything to do with a random, little chunk of grass in a giant patch of grass?

So yeah, that's the extent of my paranormal experiences. Not very exciting, but still a little odd.

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