Physical Dream

by Christa

I do not know if I should call these dreams. It feels more like reality and sometimes I feel like I am awake rather then sleeping. I have had these physical pains for several years now. I do not know how they happen or why they happen.

As I sleep I would feel sharp pains in my sides. Not like simple pinches, but rather like someone is grabbing my sides and seriously pinching. At times its only on one sides and other times its both sides. I can't scream or talk half the time, cause I feel like air is gone. I try to move around from the grasp but it seems to hold on to me deeply. Once I get free from it I still feel the sharp pain in my sides.

I do not know what is it... but it only comes every once in a while. Can anyone point me in the direction of what it is that is either attacking me or is present?

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